Aims & Objecttives

Aims & Objectives

To identify and Rehabilitate the persons with Mental Retardation.

To provide the Education for the Children with Mental Retardation.

To provide the Vocational Training and Job placement for the persons with mental retardation.

To provide the residential facilities.

To integrate the mentally handicapped children with normal children.

It will raise the funds through donations from organizations and individuals.

To improve the overall quality of life of the rural people and weaker sections of the society, particularly disabled, women, children and aged.

To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to health, education, employment, and rehabilitation of the disabled.

To seek the collaboration and co-operation of other voluntary and Government agencies for development activities and programmes.

To conduct and or participate in seminars, camps, conferences, research and training programmes.

To aid and support deserving persons with disabilities and the aged wherever and whenever necessaries

To organize, undertake, co-ordinate guide, assist and promote integrated Rural Development approach.

To spread a sport culture among Rural Youth through co-operative and regular tournaments.

To help the rural innocent people in all activities and make them to participate in all existing Government programmes through our trust activities.


Future Plans

Developing a Model Training Institute in order to manpower development with professionalism.

Developing a training cum manufacturing unit with marketing facilities to enable individuals with disabilities and the poor to earn their livelihood.

Implementing Early Intervention & Community Based Rehabilitation Programme in under developed districts of Tamilnadu with a view to achieve total empowerment.

A full-fledged vocational training-cum-production center is envisaged for both boys and girls. This would include activities such as poultry and dairy farming, gardening and horticulture.


How you can help us

Just call at 9176071985 to make a donation