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God’s Gift Foundation is a non profitable, voluntary organization dedicated to the welfare of the children with special needs. Particularly mentally retarded children, orphans, children from below poverty line. God’s gift foundation was planted in the year 2009 as rehabilitation center for special children. Now it has been grown to serve the needy people, differently challenged people, special children, mentally challenged children, orphans, and children from low economic status. As now it is keep on growing with its numerous hands to show its shadow for the needy. We deliver Love, Care, Service and Cure for needy people. We offer our services without any discrimination of caste, community, religion, family background and economic status.

                                                           Reasons behind birth defects are still unknown. Even though we predict few reasons but we can’t totally eradicate birth defects, but we can minimize the birth defects by following proper guidance from registered medical practitioner. Every couple before planning for conception they should mandatorily consult with their doctors for avoiding any birth defects in future. Children with Special Needs must have all rights similar to all other children. Right to educate, right to freedom, right to speak so every child with special needs must given proper care and affection. Proper awareness towards parents regarding their special children must be given for upliftment of their children in future. Every special child has hidden potential with them it’s the duty of each and every parent, social worker, school in charge and society to bring them out at proper time and make then shine in the society.


                                                               SOCIAL ACTIVIST
                                                        Dr. PRASAD SUNDARARAJAN
                                                        MPT (NEURO), MD (ACU); MS (PSYCHOTHERAPY); MSW; B. ED (SPECIAL EDUCATION); DYT; FRHS
                                                        Pediatric neuro physical therapist and child psychologist working for upliftment of special children and their better life.



No one has ever become Poor by Giving

- Anne Frank

‘Please Help us to Help the Helpless’

Our Center has provided with Treatment, Recreation, Vocational training and Education for the Mentally and Physically challenged children.This access is made possible through the generous donations of aware citizens, and people who really know the value of life.

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